On 10th January 2015 Eric Church smashed the record for concert attendance at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena selling a whopping 18,411 tickets, a feat that was stolen from him by Bon Jovi just over two years later with sales exceeding just over the 18,500 mark.

During the weekend, however, the world righted itself and order has been restored with Mr Eric church setting a new record. 18,996 fans packed into the arena for the first of a two night stint in which he brings his 2017 Holdin’ My Own Tour home to Nashville.


Church is at the top of his game, but what makes him so popular, why is it not Little Big Town or Brad Paisley breaking records?

With Church, it’s not about the record labels, it’s not corporate, it’s about the individual, the fans…he treats the fans how he himself would want to be treated.

Mr Misunderstood, before release, was posted out, some on CD and some on vinyl to every member of his fan club (The Church Choir). Not out takes or random songs, but the actual album, fully produced, pressed and distributed.

The same forward thinking also follows through on his performances at his concerts. He kicked off Friday night in Nashville by exclaiming, “I, Eric Church, do solemnly swear to give you every damn thing I have tonight.” And going by reports….that he did, entertaining the crowd with 39 songs over four hours. The usual Country concert traditions were cast to the wind. No guest artists, no fireworks or stories about back in the day. The concert was about his vision, his connection with the fans and the talent up on that stage from Church and the band. If there was ever a concert to be at in Nashville, this was the one.

During the concert he brought out 15-year-old McKinley “Mickey” Smay. Mickey appears on the cover of Mr. Misunderstood. He got the kid to perform that title track with him. Later he took shots from Predators glasses with friends backstage during “Jack Daniels,” and also signed copies of his albums during “Record Year” as well as putting his name to various boots and a crutch during “These Boots.”

Church will be back in Nashville performing next week as part of the iconic CMA Fest. Be sure to check back next week to hear what the CMA Fest is all about and how to go about getting yourself there next year!