Ahead of her return to the UK, we caught up with the one and only Sarah Darling! Catch our interview with her below!


Thank you very much  for having a chat with us at Country Music Northern Ireland (CMNI) today!

You released your new album, ‘Dream Country’ in February of this year. How has it been to get the album out there for your fans?

Getting “Dream Country” out into the world has been truly fulfilling for me as an artist.  I realized that it was a part of me that I wanted everyone to see and hear and hadn’t yet.   When I started the project, it was really for self love, but It turned into a group of stories that connects with the dreamers out there. It’s the greatest feeling when someone get’s to truly know you, and I believe that happens when you hear this album.

What was most challenging about the making of this record?

The most challenging part of making my album was nobody to bounce off of.  Having a whole team of people around me was something I always had, but I was relying on my own intuition.  This was my first album I made independently from a record label.

What did you enjoy most about making this album, away from the Black River label?

The creative freedom is what I enjoyed most.  My favourite tracks on my album are “Montmartre” and “Where Cowboys Ride.” I’m not sure I would have ever recorded those if I was still signed.    I had a license to talk about Wyoming and Paris all on the same album!  I wanted to create a world where people could escape, and not have to think about beats per minute but create space to go with me on a journey. This freedom can be scary but amazing.  I enjoyed every minute of it!

What would you say is the main message behind ‘Dream Country’?

The main message of “Dream Country” is shining bright wherever you are.  Enjoying the journey we are on and finding beauty in everything.

Who were your main musical influences growing up?

I grew up listening to Patsy Cline when I was younger.  Then it ranged into Joni Mitchell, Alison Krauss, Stevie Nicks, and Tom Petty.  I’m also a big fan of Coldplay!

sarah darling 3Had you always dreamed of becoming a country star?

Yes, as long as I can remember I have dreamed about being a country star.  I think I came into the world needing to sing.  It’s when I feel my best, and I love connecting with people.

Earlier this year, you toured with Jenn Bostic and Michael Logan, playing Bangor Castle and the Island Arts Centre in Lisburn in ‘A Night In Nashville’. Did you enjoy your gigs here in Northern Ireland?

I adore Northern Ireland! It was my first time, and It completely met all of my expectations.  People are sweet and it was majestic.  I felt like there was a strong connection with my music there as well.  Even though we come from different places, I think the stories are the same.  Country music is universal and I really saw that there with the fans who came to the shows. I want to go back!

Was it your first visit to Ireland/Northern Ireland?

Yes, and will not be my last! I’d love to come back and spend a couple weeks next time.

What do you enjoy most about touring, either internationally or in the states?

Touring is one big adventure for me. I enjoy seeing the world while sharing my craft.  I think you learn so much when you are on the road and it’s full of hard work but great reward.  My last tour in Europe lasted a month, and was one of the greatest experiences of my life.SD

What are your plans for the rest of 2017? Any UK or Ireland dates CMNI fans should watch out for?

I’m already working on how to come back! I’m playing some festivals this summer in the UK, but now that I’ve been to Northern Ireland, I would love to explore more festivals there to play.  See you soon!

Keep up to date with Sarah Darling through her official website -https://www.sarahdarling.com/ ????