As I’m sure many of us are similarly annoyed, Brett is not coming to Belfast or Dublin on his European tour that is covering Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, England and Scotland.
I am a massive fan of him and decided that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go to see him. So I made the trek to Zurich for his first concert of the year! And what a concert it was!

No surprise here, he was amazing and would highly recommend trying to get over to England for one of his shows later this week if you can get the chance.
I have never been to a concert in a country whose first language isn’t English and I wasn’t sure what the country music scene was like in Switzerland so I was very dubious to what the atmosphere was going to be like, I nearly half suspected to be the only person there. But the Swiss did not let me – or Brett down and the place was full.
The concert was opened by Lauren Jenkins who is someone that I knew a few songs from already, and I must say she was brilliant live, and her attempts at speaking German were impressive! You could tell she was very nervous but she was soon able to put the nerves behind her and gave us a great show.

Finally, Brett come on stage and started the concert on a high with his song “Fire” which the switched into “Something I’m Good At”. It was a great start to the show and from there he introduced us to a new song that he has worked on called “Good day” which was beautiful and it was so nice to hear new music from him as he hasn’t released anything since 2017 (apart from a Christmas album and a cover).
He continued the concert with “Don’t Ya” and “Love Someone” before singing another new song called “Crowd my mind”. He then sang “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Drunk” before he toned things down and did an acoustic of “Raymond” and “Long Way” where he was able to tell us more about these songs and how they got him to where he is now. After this, he picked things up with another new song called “Magnolia” and “Reason”. The crowds were loving it, a lot of them had never seen him before but everyone was singing along! He then did his songs “Mean to Me”, “Lose My Mind” and “Wanna Be That Song” before he went off stage.
This is where there was a very big culture divide as it was my instinct to start chanting “ole” but apparently, that isn’t a thing there and we all just stood in near silence waiting for him which I found really strange, but back he came and closed the concert off with “Beat of the Music”.
It was a brilliant show and he is such a natural entertainer that makes it hard not to enjoy!

Getting to hear 3 new songs has left me very excited for his new album, although he gave no hints as to when it will be released.  Lets hope next time he is in Europe he includes us in his tour!