Sam Hunt had some new music up his sleeve when he took to the stage this week at the press launch of Luke Bryan’s ‘What Makes You Country’ tour but he had a last minute change of mind for fear of muddling up his words.

“I was going to try and work up a new song, but I haven’t memorized some of the lyrics yet,” Hunt commented.


He decided to play it safe and performed ‘Take Your Time’ and shared one of his earliest memories of Bryan.

“I discovered Luke’s music several years ago when I was in college,” Hunt said. “I came home one weekend and walked in the house and everyone was gathered around the TV, and my mom said, ‘Hey come over here. Your brother’s in a country music video.’”

That video was Bryan’s first, ‘All My Friends Say,’ and it was filmed at Hunt’s brother’s fraternity.

“We were all wound up and excited because we got to see 2.5 seconds of the back of my brother’s head in this Luke Bryan video,” Hunt recalled.

This year Hunt will be touring with Bryan along with Jon Pardi, Carly Pearce and Morgan Wallen. Hunt confirmed his set on the tour will feature new music as well as some of his back catalog.

“I had planned on having music out there before now, but with all the other things going on, I hadn’t quite organized it into a compact album, market-ready version … So I do have some songs. I’m going [in the studio] Feb. 5 through March and April and I’m hitting it hard before we get out on the road, so I plan on having new music out a month or two before we strike out and hit the road when I may not have as much time to write.”