This weekend marks the first Brothers Osborne headline tour. Kendell Marvel is travelling with them and will provide the support for their gigs!

A good few of these have now sold out and to anyone that has a ticket. The guys took off yesterday from Nashville, Tennessee to make the 3,900 mile trip and touched down in Dublin just after midnight this morning ready for all that Dublin can supply…

The duo has become one of the UK’s favorite country acts to see live, and the guys couldn’t be more thrilled to head back overseas.

“We’re excited to get over for our first headline tour in the UK. We’ve been over there several times, and we’ve really been itching at getting back over there, and it’s close to being all sold-out and hopefully by the time we get there, it’ll be a completely sold-out tour,” says TJ. “And the fans, man, the fans. The only thing I can imagine what it was like was playing music in the United States in the ‘70s. They don’t really, they’re kind of just listening to music they think is good. They don’t really care what you call it, if it’s country, if it’s rock or it’s blues. They just like it or don’t, and they will show up if they think it’s authentic.”

For John, who is one of the best guitar pickers in Nashville and beyond, the UK is also home to many legendary guitarists. “The UK is home to some of the most legendary guitarists of all time. If Eric Clapton is from where you’re from, then you should be known that’s clearly a guitar area,” he says. “A lot of guys I listened to growing up are from the UK, so they have a huge love for that…It took Jimi Hendrix, he had to go to the UK for the world to understand what he was about. So, we’re stoked. We can’t wait to go back.”

When John and TJ return to the States, they only have a couple of days at home before they head out on tour with Dierks Bentley on his Mountain High Tour, kicking off May 18th in Columbia, Maryland.

Kendell Marvel also has a great sound and is on the tour promoting his debut album ‘Lowdown & Lonesome’ due for release later this month.

They will be performing together in Dublin’s Academy venue on Friday 4th May and Belfast’s Limelight on Saturday 5th May.