After touring mainland Europe, Brandy Clark has finally touched down in the UK! Ahead of her shows in Belfast and Dublin, we decided to have a chat with the “Three Kids No Husband” singer-songwriter about all things country!

So Brandy, whilst recently you have become more known as a singer, you have always been a renowned songwriter – is there anything you miss most about being solely a songwriter?

I think the thing that I miss about being solely a songwriter is just having more time to write songs.  My touring schedule definitely cuts into that.  I also miss the Nashville Songwriting community.  It’s a great family of people to be involved with everyday.

You released you second studio album, ‘Big Day in Small Town’ in June 2016. How have you found the reaction towards the album?

The reaction to Big Day in a Small Town has been great.  It is sonically different from 12 Stories and I love how my fans have embraced that.  One of my goals is to never make the same record twice and so my next record will be as different from Big Day as Big Day was from 12 Stories.

What would you say would be the core theme of this record?

The core theme of Big Day to me is community.  I come from a small town and I’ve always wanted to pay homage to small towns and be real truthful about the good and the bad and the in between.

Is there a specific track that you are most proud of?

I’m most proud of “Love Can Go to Hell“.  I always loved that song, but it was very different from what’s on the record.  It was straight up ballad.  Jay Joyce (producer) really injected some energy into it that turned into a masterpiece in my opinion.

Who has been your biggest musical influence?

My biggest musical influence is probably Patsy Cline.  I fell in love with her voice and her songs at a very young age and have been trying to hit that bar ever since.


Would you describe yourself as a traditionalist regarding country music? Do you dislike crossovers in country?

I think of myself as very much a traditionalist.  I don’t dislike crossovers, but I do feel like we as artists and writers need to know the foundation of what this format was built on so that we can keep it somewhat true marching into the future.

Are looking forward to visiting Northern Ireland this November?

I am looking forward to playing Northern Ireland in November.  My music has been so embraced in that part of the world and I can’t wait to share it with and meet some fans.

Brandy Clark's new album, Big Day In A Small Town, comes out June 10

What do you love most about touring?

I love feeling how the music hits fans.  It’s the reason that I think all of us do what we do.

Finally, a test of your Northern Irish knowledge – Have you ever had an Ulster Fry?! What does the word ‘craic’ mean?!

I have never heard of an Ulster Fry and I would guess that ‘craic’ is some sort of a curse word?!

Make sure to catch Brandy Clark’s show in Mandela Hall, Belfast on November 1st, or at the Sugar Club, Dublin November 2nd! Tickets can be bought from or