As of last year we started listing our Podcasts on Apple’s iTunes platform. CMNI’s podcasts always been available on the Country Music NI website to stream and download, but the step was also taken in 2018 to make them more accessible, especially when listening on portable devices.

Over the last few days we have been working tirelessly in the background relisting everything from Podcast forty right back to the very first which was recorded in 2016, uploading them in a compatible format that works with iTunes. This means you now have easy access to the full range of back catalogue  Country Music NI podcasts. We’re still working at the descriptions for them but these will be updated in due course.

You can listen via Itunes on your Mac or PC or if you have a mobile device, download the Podcast app and search for Country Music NI! 


Our aim is the promotion of Country Music in Northern Ireland and we want that to be accessible as possible. Unlike radio, you can pick up a podcast at any time and take it with you, stop and start when you like and if you like.  It’s there unhindered by sponsors, adverts or even the news. We’re not paid to do this, we do this for the love of Country Music.

So if you get the chance, look us up on itunes, have a listen, give us a rating! We feel we’ve come a long way since Podcast One and still have a great way to go, but hey… let’s take this journey together..forever and ever amen! #cmni